Company profile

Launched in July 2020, Peacock is a brand new TV streaming service from NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. In less than six months, subscriber numbers have rocketed to a sky-high figure of over 22 million, helped in no small measure by a fantastic free option.
If those numbers keep growing, it won’t be long before Peacock overtakes its Disney-owned rival Hulu, although it has some way to go to match Netflix’s 73 million US subscribers.

Special features 

  • Huge range of free content - Peacock offers an unbeatable selection of 60 live and on-demand TV channels for free, with exclusive movies and TV shows, original content, daily news, sports and pop programs, kids TV, and Telemundo
  • NBC favorites - Since it’s owned by NBCUniversal, Peacock has access to pretty much all of your NBC favorites
  • Get Premium for free - If you’re already a customer of Xfinity or Cox, you may be able to get Peacock Premium for free
  • Free trial of premium services - you can check out Peacock Premium and Premium Plus with a seven-day free trial


Peacock offers some of the very best live and on-demand content from both NBCUniversal and other sources. Top-quality movies and shows include:

  • 30 Rock
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Downton Abbey
  • House

Peacock is about a lot more than on-demand content, however, with daily news, sports, and pop culture, Spanish language services, kids shows, exclusive originals, and more.
The free version of Peacock features around 700 films and 250 TV shows, equating to 13,000 hours of viewing. There’s even more content available on the premium services.

Global coverage

Currently, Peacock is only available to customers in the US. If you want to stream when you’re abroad, you can access your account via a VPN (virtual private network), although you may find that some content is blocked.

Account features

Peacock has a range of useful features to enhance your viewing pleasure. The list includes parental control, watch-list/bookmark, various navigation options (category, channel, and trending), Pause/FF/Rewind, subtitles, and more.
Premium gives you live sports including EPL, exclusive originals, next-day access to popular NBC shows, more movies and TV series, plus full access to kids programming
Premium Plus gives you all of the above plus the ability to stream Peacock ad-free and watch certain content offline on your mobile.


Registration is unbelievably simple, and if you’re signing up for the free service, you won’t even need a credit card - just enter your email and password and away you go. If you subscribe to the premium versions, you automatically get a free 7-day trial before your subscription starts.

PeacockPeacock PremiumPeacock Premium Plus
Price per monthFree$4.99$9.99
Access to 60 channelsYesYesYes
Access to premium contentYesYes
Number of screens of simultaneous streaming 333
4K / Ultra HD?NoNoNo

*Some very limited promotions

Peacock has a clear and simple pricing structure, with no add-ons, extras, or hidden fees. It’s worth noting that you can get two months free if you pay upfront for an annual Premium or Premium Plus subscription ($49.99 / $99.99 respectively). 

Customer support

Customer support is delivered over the web. In practice, it’s seamless and super easy to locate the useful help pages, plus there’s an online ticket support system if you need further assistance.
Account cancelation & money back
Even if you cancel your premium subscription package, you still get access to the free service. Cancelation is a simple process: you log on, go to Plans & Payments, click on Change Plan, and select Peacock Free. You’ll then be switched to the free plan at the end of your current billing cycle.


It’s rare enough that you get anything for free these days, but Peacock’s basic service gives you just that. For the ultimate viewing experience, you can upgrade to Peacock Premium for additional content, and to Peacock Premium Plus to go ad-free.
Peacock has big plans for the future, which hopefully will plug some of the gaps in the current service - we’re thinking of features like 4K and separate user profiles, for example. But it would be churlish to criticize Peacock too much, especially when it offers such a great service for free. If you haven’t signed up, you're missing out!