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CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) started out life way back in 1928 as a conglomeration of 16 radio stations. Then moving into TV production in 1941. CBS has produced a number of classic American TV shows over the years and launched its streaming service back in 2014.

CBS is now owned by Viacom, so subscribers to the service are now counted with their sister streaming service over at Showtime. The two streaming services combined have around 13.5 million subscribers, which puts them ahead of rivals HBO Now on 8 million subscribers. However, this is still well below the nearest rivals, Disney +, which has around 30 million subscribers in the US alone.

Special features

  • Sports live streaming - CBS All Access has all the big name NFL games you could want, all via live streaming
  • 10,000 episodes of TV shows available - While you might be limited to just shows produced by CBS, you certainly can’t fault them on their huge catalog
  • Commercial-free plan available - The CBS All Access commercial-free package is very reasonably priced. Even on cheaper options, commercials are limited
  • 15% discount on annual memberships - If you choose to pay in full for one year’s subscription, you’ll get a decent 15% discount


Unfortunately, you’ll only have access to TV shows produced by CBS. This is, however, a very large catalog of more than 10,000 episodes of both classic shows and new CBS originals. Some popular shows and movies include:

TV shows 

  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
  • NCIS


  • The Godfather Trilogy
  • Stand by Me
  • Star Trek: First Contact


Global coverage

At the moment, CBS All Access is only available in the US and Canada. If you’d like to watch internationally you’ll need to download a virtual private network (VPN).



  • Good device compatibility - You can stream CBS All Access on a wide variety of devices including iPads and all Android smart tablets, Amazon Fire Stick and games consoles
  • 7-day free trial - Sign up for a no-obligation free trial for 7 days. You won’t be charged a cent for canceling within this time-frame
  • Ability to stream live TV - You’ll have access to all CBS programming as it goes out live as well as their live NFL sports coverage



CBS All Access comes with two different price packages:




Simultaneous streaming

Commercials in on-demand service?

Commercials in Live TV service?

Limited commercials

$5.99 per month

2 devices

Yes - Limited


Commercial Free

$9.99 per month

2 devices




Customer support

CBS All Access has an extensive help center available via its website. As well as a number of trouble-shooting articles and customer tutorials, you can contact them directly by phone and via an online contact form.

Customer service social media accounts are also available via Twitter and Facebook.


Account cancellation & money back

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll only be billed up until the month you canceled and there’s no contract cancellation fee.



If you’re a huge fan of CBS’s original programming, then this service is a definite must-have for you. You’ll have access to thousands of shows at a reasonable price as well as being able to keep up with the latest NFL games.

However, if you’re looking for more variety, there are definitely better streaming services out there. Many CBS shows are available on other platforms, such as Hulu, and you’ll have access to a much bigger content library for only a few extra dollars per month.